Flooring Solutions for Marquees - Stretch and Tents

Flooring Solutions for Marquees

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Rolling Out The Carpet

The flooring of a marquee is often the finishing touch, so it is important to get the right look. We offer a range of flooring options to cover all budgets and tastes. Stretch Tents in fact look glorious on a simple lawn without flooring, but if you are after a specific look or are worried about the cold and damp, then we can provide peace of mind.

Our most popular flooring option is the traditional coconut matting, which looks fantastic with the tents and provides a reassuring thickness underfoot. For those who are after a more colourful floor, we can also provide cord carpet that comes in all the colours of the rainbow. If you are worried about the gradient or level of the flooring, we are also more than happy to assemble a hard floor from interlocking cassettes, which we can then cover with carpet or any other material, including decking.

Our team also provide dance floors, with yet another range of options: classic parquet, elegant black and white, snazzy LED, or even the outrageous Saturday Night Fever style tiles, which light up under your feet!

Whatever your flooring needs, we have got yours covered. Please get in touch with our team to find out more about your underfoot options.