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Keeping You Warm

Designed for warmer climes than our British weather, Stretch Tents can at first seem a little tricky to keep warm, especially with open sides. Sometimes you can get lucky with the weather, but it is always better to plan for the worse, so thankfully we have a variety of ways to keep both you and your guests warm.

The simplest and most effective method of warming Stretch Tents is to use ordinary patio heaters, although we make sure that they are stainless steel so that they don't ruin the look of your tent. Due to the fact that these heaters force the heat down, they ensure that the whole space is quickly warmed up to a suitable temperature. We aim to position them primarily near any openings in the tent in order to create a wall of heat, which then spreads into the rest of the tent.

To help maintain heat, especially at night when it is prone to getting a little chilly even in high summer, we can also make use of our Stretch Screens. These handy pieces of material will cover any openings and can be placed there right at the last minute to act as windbreaks and insulators. They are stretchy as well, so do not compromise on the aesthetic of your tent.

If all this is not enough or, alternatively, your event is in the colder months, then we can also provide indirect heaters, which pump in warm air at the back of the tent.

To find out more about how we can help keep your event warm, no matter the time of year, please get in touch with our team.