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PA Hire Live Music and DJs

Head Office: 0207 097 1875
Glasgow Office: 0131 618 3175

PA Hire

We can provide superb audio quality PA speakers (by Monacor) suitable for a party of 30 to 300 people, along with microphones, stands and all leads. We can also source sub-woofers/bass bins, and DJ equipment if required.

Live Music & DJs

Get in touch if you require a live band and/or DJ for your event or party. We work with an experienced music and entertainment manager who can provide or source background music, DJs, bands and other entertainment.

Our DJs can play funk, soul, motown, disco, hip hop, reggae, ska, indie, folk, britpop, rock n roll, garage rock, blues, swing, jazz, latin, R&B, house, pop and more. The live musicians and bands we work with mainly play funk, soul, jazz, blues, rock n roll and reggae but we can source bands playing other styles of music if required.