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Stretch Tents: A Modern Take On The Classic Bedouin Style

Stretch Tents are an innovative new design of marquees that have changed the landscape of events globally. With their breathtaking free flow design and flexible practicality, Stretch Tents have become the must-have marquee for all events in the UK. Based loosely on the classic Bedouin style tents of Northern Africa, but with a twist, Stretch Tents are a perfect combination of luxury and functionality.

In terms of aesthetics, Stretch Tents are ideally suited for all environments, whether a chic avant garde setting or a quintessentially British country house. The internal space can also be incredibly diverse and interesting: a blank canvas for the themed party or event of your choice. Whenever anyone sees a Stretch Tent the comments are only positive, a sure sign of its diverse appeal if it suit all tastes!

Thankfully the Stretch Tent's beaut is more than matched by its practicality. Unlike other alternative marquees, Stretch Tents are very quick to assemble and, perhaps most importantly of all, can be erected over almost any surface with consummate ease. To protect you against the elements, the tents can be configured with the sides open or closed. We can even counteract any last minute rain with our Stretch Screens, which are easy to use and cover any openings in the tent to act as a windbreak.

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