Quick Assembly Marquees and Stretch Tents

Quick Assembly Stretch Tents

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Less Set Up Time, More Party Time

Quick Assembly

Depending on the complexity of the installation and size of the structure, traditional and other alternative marquees, such as the Tipi style, can take most of the day if not longer to assemble. This can be a real inconvenience if you have limited time at the venue and want to get in there and decorate or simply use it.

In contrast to traditional marquees, Stretch Tents are easier and quicker to construct, enabling all our tents to be assembled in under 4 hours, providing that it is a standard set up. Even if it is a tricky installation, such as a split level, Stretch Tents are far quicker than standard marquees. As a result our team can be in and out of the site on the morning of the event with minimum disruption, allowing you plenty of time to prepare. The Take Down is similarly quick and painless, meaning that we can be out of the way as soon as possible after your event.

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