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Versatile and Flexible Marquee Hire

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Have Your Tent Anywhere and Anyhow

The Versatile Tent

With the obvious exception of their stunning looks, by far and away the best thing about Stretch Tents is their versatility. Stretch Tents open up spaces for entertaining that other marquees simply cannot get near, meaning that you can have your party, wedding, or event almost anywhere you would like it.

Stretch Tents can be erected on all surfaces, making light work of split-level landscaping, uneven ground, water features, natural vegetation or awkward shaped spaces around buildings. They give you new possibilities to entertain and provide shelter in areas you have not thought of before

Depending on the environment and the season, our Stretch Tents can be built down to the ground, providing a traditional fully enclosed structure suitable for inclement weather, or they can be 'floated' with open walls and entrances, creating a light and breezy space perfect for a summer's day. Due to their quick assembly, the configuration of your tent can be changed right up to the last minute depending on the weather. We can also use our Stretch Screens, which we use to block any openings in the tent and help keep the warmth in.

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