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Waterproof Stretch Tents

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The All Season Tent

100% Weatherproof

It is certainly true that a Stretch Tent comes into its own during the brief summer, when you can have the sides open, light spilling in, and the party almost as much outside as in... However, it also true that here in the UK we must anticipate the weather not being all that we had hoped for. Stretch Tents are extremely versatile marquees and can be configured for all conditions. They were in fact designed to withstand the high wind speeds on the Cape of Good Hope, so a little British breeze is no problem. We can vouch for this with certainty having erected a wedding tent in the West Country that withstood winds of over 60mph, while traditional marquees down the road at the Royal Cornwall Show were being blown away!

During the colder months we normally recommend having most of the sides pulled down to the ground to keep the weather out and make the internal space as cosy as possible. We can also use our Stretch Screens to cover any openings in the tents, preventing any drafts from coming in and any of the heat from escaping. Stretch Tents can be used all year round.

Rain is also not a problem for a Stretch Tent, which is lucky because we get quite a bit of here in the UK. The unique two way stretch fabric remains fully watertight while being stretched into various shapes and advanced seaming technology ensures drip-free seams.

From a safety perspective, our manufacturers have worked hard to research, develop, and manufacture a fire retardant stretch fabric that will ensure your safety in the event of an accident. All out tents are certified fire retardant to EU and British Standards (BS7837:1996), enabling you to have that candlelit dinner without fear of an accident.

For more information on how we can ensure that your party is not ruined by the weather, please get in touch to find out more