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Introducing Canvas Care, a specialist tent cleaning and maintenance service for the events industry.  

Clean your canvas with us for guaranteed A-grade condition, regardless of age. Get in touch now to extend the lifespan of your tent.



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Tent Cleaning

Our team are stretch tent cleaning specialists but are also comfortable with revitalising pagodas, traditional marquees, pole tents, bell tents, canvas, clear span, sailcloth, and other event structures.  

We know that it isn’t easy to keep your tents to A-grade, event ready standard. Factors such as substantial weight, complex material structures, and the necessity for suitable drying space, are just a few of the challenges posed.  

Luckily, we’re here to help. We have developed a thorough cleaning process which utilises carefully selected cleaning solutions to eliminate stains, mildew, mould, dirt, algae, bird faeces, and other general soiling.  

We are confident that our cleaning process is extremely effective – see the results for yourself here 

Tent Drying

Of course, the tent drying process is equally important. Tents that are put away wet often develop mould, mildew, and a musty odour, leaving them unusable when you need them for your events. 

To avoid this issue, we have a drying space in which tents are exposed to warm air hung drying time. We also complete moisture checks following this process to ensure your tent is never put away wet and is returned to you at event ready standard.  

Our current hand wash process

1.      Pre-wash inspection

2.      Hand wash (gentle application of cleaning products to initiate soiling breakdown)

3.      High pressure jet wash (including cleaning formula)

4.      Hung drying time (immediately hung to dry)

5.      Moisture check (to ensure no liquid is trapped in between the fibres)

o   Processed in 10 days from arrival

Machine Wash

Whilst our current cleaning process is very effective, our new 760kg/600sqm capacity specialist tent cleaning machine will be even more thorough when it arrives in April.  

Having ventured to Germany to see the results for ourselves, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to bring Europe’s largest specialist tent cleaning machine to the UK.  

With a drum specifically designed to rotate material gently, and custom temperature cycles for varying levels of soiling, our machine wash is second to none.  

You wouldn’t wash your clothes by hand, so why should you wash your tents by hand? 

Rapid refresh

Do you have a tent that requires urgent attention before an impending event? Don’t stress, we can help! Our rapid refresh service allows you to skip the queues and have your tent cleaned, dried and ready for rigging in no time at all.  

tent repairs

A tear in your tent fabric can feel daunting, and whilst it will never be the same again, we can help you avoid a repeat purchase by getting it as close as possible. Again, we specialise with stretch tent repairs but are comfortable repairing a range of material structures. 

For confirmation of repair work, send us pictures of the damage, or let us inspect for damage during our pre-wash inspection – we’ll then get in touch to discuss your options.  

Canvas Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get Canvas Care to clean my tent?

  • Make your life easier: Substantial weight, large surface areas, and complicated material structures make it difficult to effectively clean tents.  
  • Alleviate logistical requirements: No need for you to have a drying space for hanging, a spotless warehouse floor, or to lose precious man hours during busy periods.  
  • Increase tent lifespan: Soiling weakens the fabric structure of tents so regular cleaning is essential for maximising the returns on your initial purchase, as well as for reducing repeat purchase requirements.

How do we get our items to you?

  • Self-delivery/collection at our warehouse in Norbiton, London.  
  • We can collect and return your tent, whether it is in use or in storage.  
  • We can arrange a courier for you.  
  • Arrange your own courier service – a pallet delivery is likely the most cost-effective option when sending numerous items.  

How long does it take?

  • General cleaning: We aim to process your items within 10 days.  
  • Rapid refresh: We aim to process your items within 3 days.  

Are there any locations that we don’t cater for?

  • No: Whilst we are based in London, we have dealt with clients from all over the UK.  
  • If you’re more than 150 miles away, we’ll also do what we can to help with delivery costs. 

What about damage?  

  • We perform a pre-wash inspection to check for small holes, tears, and other general damage. Damage may be revealed after washing as it can often be concealed by dirt or be too small to see with the naked eye. If our wash reveals any major concealed damage, we will reach out to you to discuss repair options.  
  • If the canvas has been up for long periods of time in direct sunlight or under trees, is exceptionally dirty, or is extremely mouldy, the fibres can start to degrade. This means that some weaker stitching and canvas may come away, tear or damage in the cleaning process. This occurs infrequently and we do our best to avoid this.  


Contact us today

We love hearing from you with ideas and tent queries. We are available to call, email or DM us Instagram for a quick response. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can. Get in touch today and see how we can make your event come alive.

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