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Stretch tents are the next, innovative step for gazebo and marquee hire. Their free flowing design, resilience and flexibility make them the ideal tent hire option for any event, whatever the weather. Based on the classic Bedouin style of Northern Africa, stretch tents are practical and elegant, offering the perfect combination of luxury and function. 

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    Our stretch tent manufacturers have worked hard to research, develop, and manufacture a fire retardant stretch fabric that will ensure your safety in the event of an accident. All our tents are certified fire retardant to EU and British Standards (BS7837:1996). So they can withstand winds of up to 42 mph, compared to standard marquees which withstand approx 30 mph.

    HIRE: Stretch Tents To Suit Any event

    Stretch tents offer versatile and flexible cover.

    The canvas can be constructed to fit in and around any environment seamlessly making them a far more practical and flexible solution to traditional marquee hire. 

    A stretch tent can be rigged over existing structures and objects to a height that suits you. Because our highest poles are 5m you have lots of flexibility with rigging! You can choose to have any number of sides up or down and the set up can be designed to suit your event.

    Our marquees can be connected to buildings, maximising the footprint inside the tent, and have the edges pulled down to the ground to create a more enclosed space.  

    all sides up

    A popular rigging style to create an open cover for summer events, markets or rain cover.  This also works well when connected to buildings, maximising the space inside the tent.

    All sides down

    Depending on the environment and season, our Stretch Tents can have the edges pulled down to the ground to create a more enclosed space. Being in the UK we must anticipate the weather not being all that we had hoped for, so we can always change the set up on the day.

    Not sure?

    Stretch tent rigging is flexible so you can decide on the day how you want the sides of the tent to be. You can choose to have any number of sides up or down. The set up can be designed to suit your event. For example, an outdoor cinema would suit having 3 sides down leaving the longest edge open for viewing.

    HIRE: Stretch Tent Vs Marquee

    Marquee Tents are made from a PVC material which limits versatility. But our Stretch Tents, by contrast, use a unique stretch material that allows for peaks of varying height, giving the structure far more dimension.

    The ease of rigging a Stretch Tent marquee allows for a wide open covering. We can create sloped edges with a single seamless piece of canvas. Or we can utilise wall panels, all down to the simplicity nature of the tent.

    HIRE: Stretch Tent Vs gazebo

    Gazebo hires are appealing for events and weddings because they are quick and easy to install, and because they are durable, weather resistant coverings. However Stretch Tents offer the same fast and effortless installation but with increased ability to deal with heavy rain and strong winds, even for smaller sized rigs.

    A Stretch Tent canopy can meet your event needs in so many ways, its smooth canvas creates a beautiful neat covering unlike an often creased Gazebo top. Plus a Stretch Tent is held up by beautiful wooden or metal poles instead of a frame like a Gazebo – allowing for multiple rigging styles. All in all we say Stretch Tents win hands down!



    Constructed to fit in and around any environment seamlessly. Stretch Tents are a far more practical and flexible solution than traditional marquees.

    • Split level terrains
    • Narrow gardens
    • Rooftops & balconies
    • Unconventional spaces
    • Uneven surfaces & slopes
    Yoga rooftop tent
    alpro van under stretch tent

    Flexible Cover

    A stretch tent can be rigged over existing structures and objects to a height that suits you. Our highest poles are 5m so you have a lot of flexibility.


    • Trees, shrubs & garden patches
    • Walls, fences & archways
    • Vehicles & large installations
    • Water features & swimming pools

    Watch a stretch tent

    being assembled

    Quick Assembly

    Less set up time, more party time! Stretch Tents are far quicker to erect than standard marquees. And as a result our team can be in and out of the site with minimal disruption.

    “We have always been looking for a solution for our outdoor space during the Winter and COVID simply strenthened the need for this.  Alex visited the site the same day and was professional and motivated about the project. So a few weeks later his team were on site pitching our stretch tent. Stretch & Tents are now without doubt my go to for this form of work.”

    Matthew Sankey

    - Sankeys Pub, Seafood and Lobster Restaurant

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