How To Use A Stretch Tent At Your Barn Wedding

Barn weddings are a wonderful choice for a chic country wedding, with nature providing the backdrop for your special celebration. Depending on the size of your barn and how close it is to practical amenities, you are likely to need additional space for guests, storage and catering. Stretch tents are ideal for creating extra space weddings.

Stretch Tents Can Be Used In Numerous Ways To Enhance Your Barn Wedding

The first thing to decide for your barn wedding is how to use the main barn space. If your barn is small, there won’t be enough room to do it all. Using a stretch tent or multiple connected tents can help you create the spaces you need beyond the barn.


  • Will the barn be used for the ceremony? If so, it will need to be set up for audience seating.
  • Will the barn be used for the wedding breakfast? If so, it will need to be set up for dining.
  • Will the barn be used for the wedding reception? If so, it will need to be kitted out with festoon lights, a bar and a DJ area.

Based on your choices, you’ll know which additional areas you’ll need stretch tents for.

Using A Stretch Tent As An Area For Part Of Your Barn Wedding

For the Ceremony

Customise your wedding ceremony venue to your liking by having your vows take place in a stretch tent. You can decide on the grandness of the aisle, the closeness of the chairs and the width of the altar. You can also choose how many sides of the tent you would like open to the fresh air, or with sides down in case of rain or wind. Of course, the Stretch & Tents team will be happy to advise on these decisions based on your bespoke requirements and the number of guests you expect to have.

For the Wedding Breakfast

If your wedding is taking place in the barn, you may want to set up a stretch tent on the grounds next to it for the wedding breakfast. This way you wouldn’t need to book another venue or require additional travel to a separate location.

For the Speeches

Your stretch tent is an excellent space for wedding speeches. Consider making your tent the designated area for guests to go to after the ceremony. If needed, a stage can be set up under your stretch tent along with microphones and speakers to ensure everyone can hear.

For the Wedding Reception

Stretch tents make a grand covered dance room and dining area. They can be fitted with almost anything you desire. Consider a bar full of your chosen drinks, a stage for live music and a dance floor for the big party. Make the wedding planning easier by hiring all the extras with Stretch & Tents, plus decorations and props to bring your wedding theme alive.

If you are using the tent in the later hours, you may want to consider heating and lighting. Stretch tents come with heating options for the colder parts of the evening and have a large range of lighting options to choose from, such as fairy lights, festoons, disco lights and uplighters. For something a little more bespoke, Stretch & Tents have a variety of options to make your wedding theme your own.

Using Stretch Tents To Create Additional Areas For Your Barn Wedding

As a welcome area and drop-off for overnight guests

You can set up a stretch tent near your barn as a welcome area, gathering guests ahead of the start of the ceremony as people will arrive at different times. If you are having some overnight guests for your barn wedding, this is a good place to gather them and their bags before guiding people to where they’ll be sleeping. It is also a useful space for wedding favours or information about the day’s event.

As A Catering Tent

Stretch tents are frequently used to create additional kitchen or dining space in restaurants, pubs and bars. They can also be a suitable option as an additional catering area for your wedding. Maybe you would like to shelter an outdoor kitchen near the barn or house your buffet. Ask your catering company what facilities they will need on-site, such as utilities and electrical outlets, and share with the Stretch & Tents team to make sure they can be accommodated.

As a cover (for toilets, storage, etc)

Stretch tents are hugely flexible but one of the simplest and best uses is a cover or awning. If you don’t have on-site toilet facilities and are using portaloos, having even a simple stretch tent covering can make them look less rustic. If you need additional storage areas, a stretch tent can be set up. Even if only as a just-in-case.

Using a Stretch Tent Inside The Barn At Your Wedding

Using a tent inside can be a good way to separate areas of the barn and add extra style and sophistication. They can also add a sense of intimacy inside a large and lofty barn. Stretch tents can be rigged over existing structures and objects to any height up to 5m, so plenty of room to cover any of the rigging or less stylish parts of the barn.

For Entranceways

Stretch tents can be attached directly to buildings to extend the internal space. You can use a stretch tent to upgrade the look of your barn and increase the space in the entrance for a grand entranceway to the main event.

For A Ceremony Area

Create a covered area that frames the ceremony area, perhaps covering a stage where the couple will be standing to say their vows.

For A Lower Ceiling

If there are parts of the barn that are perhaps less flashy or more run-down, you can use a stretch tent to conceal those areas, such as cutting off an equipment storage area. You can also make a high-ceiling barn space more intimate by creating a lower one with a stretch tent.

A Stretch Tent Can Be Set-Up Almost Anywhere

Stretch tents can be set up almost anywhere, even on uneven terrain, they just need somewhere to be secured. For grass, this means using pegs. For hard floors the tents can be weighted down using ballast tanks/concrete blocks. They can also be attached to buildings with small masonry bolts. The holes made for the bolts can later be filled in if required.

How To Hire A Stretch Tent

You can hire a stretch tent for your barn wedding by getting in touch with our team. They can take you through the steps, including a site visit, as well as discuss costs based on your needs. We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish, ensuring your big day is as perfect as possible.

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