Light up your event

Ambient lighting both day and night can transform an atmosphere. That is why we are here to help you create a magical party like no other. Use fairy lights around the tent poles, festoons to line the edge of your canvas and colourful uplighters when your guests are up and ready to hit the dance floor! 

Lighting Hire

coconut matting

Fairy Lights

covered garden stretch tent party


coconut matting

Lanterns (mixed styles & colours)

hard plastic flooring panels

Festoon Lights

dandy dura matting

Curtain Pillar Lights

steel decking

Disco Ball

rustic wooden flooring

Curtain Fairy Lights

dandy dura matting

Disco Lighting

rustic wooden flooring

Rope Lighting

rustic wooden flooring

External Flood lighting

dandy dura matting


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