Large Marquee Hire for Festivals

When planning a festival, every detail counts, especially when creating the ideal venue. Opting for large marquee rentals is a smart move, offering flexibility and a practical way to keep festival-goers comfortable, come rain or shine, while housing all sorts of activities and attractions.

For festival marquees, stretch tents in particular emerge as a standout choice for their unique blend of style, flexibility and functional coverage. If you’re considering hiring a large marquee or stretch tent for your festival, here’s everything you need to know.

What types of large marquees are recommended for festivals?

Festivals typically require spacious and versatile marquees that can accommodate various activities and layouts. Among the recommended options are frame marquees, clear-span structures, stretch tents and truss frame structures.

Frame marquees: the adaptable classic

Frame marquees are a great choice for event organisers seeking both flexibility and reliability.

Unlike traditional pole marquees, frame marquees don’t require internal poles for support, which means their interiors can be customised to a greater extent. This type of marquee utilises a metal framework covered by canvas or PVC, allowing for a variety of shapes and sizes.

Whether it’s a small booth or a large dining area, frame marquees can be adapted to suit. They can be fully enclosed or partially open, equipped with flooring, lighting, and heating or cooling systems, making them suitable for any season.

Their versatility makes them ideal for creating intimate spaces within larger festivals, from VIP areas to workshops and food stalls.

Clear-span structures: the open-plan giant

Clear-span structures take the versatility of frame marquees to a larger scale. Characterised by their substantial, unobstructed interiors, they provide an open canvas for event planners. Without internal pillars or supports, these structures maximise usable space, making them perfect for housing stages, large-scale exhibitions, or seating for hundreds of attendees.

The height of clear-span tents also allows for impressive light shows or aerial performances. Their robust construction can withstand adverse weather conditions, ensuring that festivals can proceed smoothly regardless of the forecast.

Additionally, the ability to attach sidewalls and partition walls makes them adaptable for different areas within a festival, from main stages to lounges and dining areas.

Stretch tents: the flexible aesthetic

Stretch tents offer a blend of functionality and style that has made them increasingly popular at festivals.

Made from a stretchable fabric, these tents can be shaped and configured in countless ways, conforming to the specific needs of the festival site, whether it’s an uneven hillside or a narrow urban space. Their flowing, organic shapes create a visually stunning backdrop that can complement the vibe of any festival, from a relaxed beach party atmosphere to a cutting-edge music festival.

Stretch tents can be rigged to offer partial shelter, allowing for open-air spaces that still protect against the sun or light rain. Their ease of setup and breakdown also makes them a practical choice for touring festivals that move from location to location.

Truss tents: the robust innovator

Truss tents are characterised by their heavy-duty metal truss frames, which provide unparalleled support for lighting, sound equipment, and even large screens, making them ideal for concerts, electronic music festivals, and other events where technology plays a central role.

The truss system’s robust construction allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions, including strong winds and heavy rainfall, ensuring the safety and comfort of festival-goers. Stretch & Tents used their brand new modular truss system at the Gala Festival in 2023.


What is the maximum capacity of a large festival marquee?

The maximum capacity of a large festival marquee depends on several factors, including its size, layout and configuration. Large marquees can typically accommodate hundreds to thousands of attendees, providing ample space for performances, exhibitions and social gatherings. The capacity may also be influenced by local regulations and safety standards governing crowd management and occupancy limits.

Stretch tents can be used to create a large festival marquee, including connected marquees to broad or sprawling areas.

Are there any restrictions on where large marquees can be erected?

While large marquees can be erected in various outdoor locations, there may be restrictions or regulations imposed by local authorities or venue management. It’s essential to check for any zoning restrictions, environmental regulations or safety considerations that may affect the placement and anchoring of marquees. Some venues may have designated areas or guidelines for marquee installation to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Stretch tents offer more options for placement than traditional large marquees as they don’t require flat ground to be affixed. This means that if there are no zoning restrictions, you can place a festival stretch tent almost anywhere.

What features are included with marquee hire?

Marquee hire as standard includes the tent itself, plus the labour to put it up and take it down. Our stretch tent hire can also include additional features alongside the marquee hire, suited to your needs, helping you create a comfortable and functional event space. These extras can include flooring, lighting, basic furniture (such as tables and chairs), heating, sidewalls or canopies for weather protection and props.

Can a large marquee accommodate additional features like stages, sound systems or AV equipment?

Large marquees are designed to accommodate a wide range of additional features and equipment commonly used in festivals. These may include stages for performances, sound systems for music or announcements, lighting rigs for ambiance or visibility and AV equipment for presentations or multimedia displays. The flexible interior space of large marquees and stretch tents allows for seamless integration of these features to enhance the festival experience.

Can large marquees be customised to fit the festival’s theme or branding?

Large marquees can be customised to reflect the unique theme or branding of the festival. Customisation options may include choosing specific colours for the marquee fabric, adding branded signage or banners and incorporating themed decor elements. Stretch & Tents offer graphic printing services to personalise the marquee with logos, artwork, or promotional materials, creating a cohesive and branded festival experience.

What flooring options are available for large marquees?

Various flooring options are available for large marquees to create a stable and comfortable surface for event activities. At Stretch & Tents, we offer options that range from coconut mattering and cord carpet, to wooden decking for uneven terrain and steel decking if you need to raise your floor space. The choice of flooring depends on factors such as the venue’s terrain, aesthetic preferences and functional requirements for the festival.

Are permits or permissions needed?

Depending on the location and scale of the festival, permits or permissions may be required for erecting large festival marquees. Organisers should consult with local authorities or venue management to obtain any necessary permits or licences and ensure compliance with regulations related to zoning, safety and environmental impact. It’s essential to plan ahead and allow sufficient time to secure the required approvals before the festival date.

Are there any specific insurance requirements or liability considerations?

It’s essential to discuss insurance options with the marquee or stretch tent rental company and obtain any necessary documentation to protect against potential risks or liabilities. This may include liability insurance to cover accidents or injuries, property insurance to protect against damage or loss of equipment and cancellation insurance to mitigate financial losses in case of unforeseen circumstances.

What costs do I need to consider?

When budgeting for large marquee or tent hire, organisers should consider various costs associated with the rental, setup and operation of the marquee. These may include the rental fee based on the size and specifications of the tent, additional features or customization options, delivery and setup fees, security deposits, insurance premiums and any applicable taxes or permits. It’s essential to obtain detailed quotes from rental companies and carefully review the terms and conditions to understand the full cost implications.

How far in advance do I need to book?

To secure preferred options and ensure sufficient time for planning and coordination, it’s advisable to book large marquees well in advance of the festival date. Rental companies may have limited availability during peak seasons or for popular events, so early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Can I get assistance with planning and logistics?

Stretch & Tents offer assistance with event planning, logistics coordination and onsite support to help ensure a successful and seamless festival experience. Organisers can leverage our expertise to streamline the planning process and overcome the logistical challenges associated with hosting an outdoor festival. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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