Where To Buy Construction Tents & How To Use Them

Industrial tents can be used on construction sites and projects in a number of ways. Stretch tents are a fantastic solution to your construction tent needs, offering a temporary to long-term solution.

You can use a construction tent to create a covered space for your team and materials, as a temporary building relocation, or to section areas of your construction site. Get yours from Stretch & Tents, expert providers of high-quality, durable and flexible construction tents.

Want To Buy A Construction Tent?

Ready to buy your construction tent? Start by getting in touch with our team. As experts in creating stretch tents for a range of uses and events, we can advise on sizing and suitability for your project and give you a fast quote for your construction tent.

Find out more about buying a stretch tent and explore the uses, benefits and options below.

Tents For Construction Sites & Projects: The Uses

Stretch tents are more flexible than regular marquees and gazebos. Stretch tents use pliable canvas and poles, rather than a fixed tent structure. This means when used as construction tents, they can adapt to fit small and unusually shaped areas, cover small or large areas, and can be adjusted to have sides up or down depending on your needs – they can be opened if teams are going in and out or down if you are using them as covering for equipment storage.

Whether you are undertaking the construction of a building, extension, landscape or a remote project, you can utilise a flexible, weather-resistant, watertight and durable stretch tent.

Here are some examples of how you can make use of a construction tent, at various stages of your project and on your site.

Create Covered Areas For Your Team

At the start of your project, you’ll need somewhere for your teams to gather and get organised. A construction tent with open sides offers an accessible sheltered area – this works against rain and sun and helps you avoid the enclosed structure of a gazebo.

If you are buying a construction tent you can also get branding added to the canvas, making it clear to your team and site visitors where your base of operations is.

If you need different spaces for various groups under one roof, you can join smaller construction tents together. You can use stretch tents for meeting areas, offices, planning stations, or as break areas on your construction site. These smaller stretch tents can then be redistributed to additional uses as your project moves along.

Protect Materials From Weather

Weather is unreliable and can often be a burden for construction projects. Construction tents can be used to effectively protect materials during rain, snow and in strong weather – be it extreme cold, heat or wind.

Stretch tents are particularly useful for this because of their flexibility. You can keep your materials safe and dry, while keeping them accessible, by having some sides up and some down. You can shape your construction tent to cover tall piles or long and wide equipment.

Stretch tents are even flexible enough that you can create entrance-ways for people that block out the impact of weather for the majority of the construction tent.

Use As Temporary Building Relocation

As the construction site project develops, you may need to move teams out of a building during reconstruction or invasive procedures. If you only need it for a shorter time or don’t want the hassle of getting a prefabricated building, a stretch tent is a great alternative.

Stretch tents can be outfitted with flooring, heating units and lighting to make them usable day and night, at any time of year. Using stretch tents will also allow you to adjust the shape of the space and its ventilation, even if you need to make use of them across multiple seasons, with sides up or down as needed.

Cover Mid-Construction Areas

Construction tents are sometimes necessary for concealing an area for safety, or to protect it from weather if you are in the middle of a project and mother nature doesn’t seem to be on your side.

Again, the flexibility of a stretch tent allows you to cover a mid-construction area when needed, keeping it completely sealed or accessible, depending on your requirements. This is also useful if your construction project gets paused and you need to completely seal off an area for a period of time.

Reuse Your Construction Tents

Ultimately, investing in a stretch tent for construction gives you a great tool to use in all kinds of ways, at different stages of your project. Buying a construction tent is a valuable investment for a construction business as well as someone working on a short/long-term construction project.

Buying A Construction Tent

Large & Small Tents For Construction Sites

You can get a custom-sized tent to suit your preferred needs. If you have a specific use in mind, our team can advise on designs, set-up and measurements to ensure you get the right size.

Stretch tents can be used in all areas, they can attach to the side of buildings or float over large construction pieces. Multiple sides can be designed to fit in and around any area. We use laser technology to cut the tents to the perfect shape for our clients.

Why Choose Stretch & Tents

Our stretch tents for construction are built to last. They have sturdy aluminium poles and durable canvas material. The canvas is lined with PVC fungal and mould protection. The advanced seaming technology ensures drip-free seams. The high durability and maintenance mean your tent should last indefinitely.

You can buy a construction tent directly from us.

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