How to create a welcoming pub beer garden

Now more than ever beer gardens and outdoor areas have become vital spaces for pubs and bars. With winter upon us, we wanted to share our top tips for creating a warm and welcoming beer garden that customers won’t want to leave, including how to use a stretch tent at your venue.

Stretch tent for pub beer gardens

Pub Garden Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a must! Not only does it look visually pleasing but it will help to create an inviting atmosphere. We suggest using a mixture of fairy lights and festoons to line a tent or wrapped around poles to add definition to the stretch tent structure.

Tent for pub beer garden

Outdoor Heating

Create a warm and cosy vibe with electric heaters, gas towers or an on-trend fire pit. There are plenty of options to add instant warmth to a pub beer garden that offers longevity and will keep customers toasty!

Garden Furniture

Rustic beer or whisky barrels make for versatile tables in standing areas and add a decorative touch to make a space look more inviting. Why not add an outdoor bar for serving ease and to create a focal point. Discover our range of portable bars here for long or short term rental periods.

Whiskey barrel table

Plants Plants Plants

Plants are one of the hottest trends this year for venue garden spaces. Create an urban jungle that not only looks impressive but creates a relaxing atmosphere. Choose evergreen plants that are hardy to all weather conditions and perhaps use artificial plants to construct a plant wall – it’s easier to maintain and kinder on the wallet.

Stretch tent for pub

Interested in a stretch tent for your pub garden? We offer short and long term hire periods, as well as purchase tents. Get in touch here.

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